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I got a five-figure offer for my domain – Now what?
Today: sold for $8,888 / The Appraisal of / How to Find the contact address of a domain? / and more… Here are the new discussions that caught…
Stop me if you’ve heard this…
The collective noun for wildebeest is “an implausibility”. In the incredibly unlikely event that you’re ever confronted by a large group of these majestic bovine quadrupeds, that’s how you should…
Justice Department Recommends That the FCC Deny the Proposed ARCOS Cable Segment Connecting Florida and Cuba
In September 2020, I wrote a post on a proposed 56-kilometer link between the ARCOS undersea cable and the north coast of Cuba, near Havana. The Trump-appointed Justice Department Committee…
New new gTLD registry in town as Rostam buys UNR
UNR, the former Uniregistry, has emerged under new ownership, new leadership, and with another new name, apparently finalizing Frank Schilling’s piecemeal exit from the domain name industry. The nine gTLD…
Registrars CAN charge for Whois, ICANN grudgingly admits
ICANN is powerless to prevent registrars from charging for access to non-public Whois data, the Org has reluctantly admitted. In a recent advisory, ICANN said it is “concerned” that registrars…
Top Topics: Swetha's Shocking Sales; Epik Escrow Mess; Best Registrar for Valuable Domains; Your Exit Strategy; Registrant Unresponsive to Abuse
Welcome to December & the 2022 Holidays! It's time for this week's Top Topics column here at NamePros: Super domainer Swetha's sales record came under scrutiny and the "shocking" results…
Melbourne IT to relaunch, return to roots, after $3.4 million acquisition
Australian registrar is to revive its Melbourne IT brand with a renewed focus on the corporate domains market, following the AUD 5 million ($3.4 million) acquisition of a smaller…
InternetNZ says sorry for “institutional racism”
New Zealand ccTLD registry InternetNZ has apologized for its “institutional racism” following a probe instigated by its reaction to a YouTube video last year that incited violence against Māori citizens.… sold for $20,249
Today: The Appraisal of / Buying’s – Total budget: $22,500.00 / Evaluating / and more… Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain…
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