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Email Deliverability May Still be Issue for XYZ
At the end of my son’s soccer game on Saturday, one of the parents came up to the Assistant Coach and asked about the company on his sweatshirt. The Assistant…
Stacked raises $13 million after securing
Company hasn’t launched its service yet but has already upgraded its domain name. Web3 and gaming are two of the hottest digital industries at the moment. While thousands of companies…
Braden Pollock posts 3 sales led by at $65,000
Braden Pollock’s LegalBrandMarketing posted 3 sales today at Namebio. was the highest at $65,000. He also sold and Congrats to Braden. 65,000 USD 2022-09-28 LegalBrandMarketing…
Sedo weekly domain name sales led by
Sedo released their weekly domain name sales and led the way at $46,000. was second at 27,500 Euro, ($26,407). was third at 20,000 Euro, ($19,226). 36 .com…
ICANN approves ccTLD-killer policy
ICANN has formally adopted a policy that would enable it to remove ccTLDs from the DNS root when their associated countries cease to exist, raising the possibility of the Soviet…
Latest end user domain sales at Sedo
A sports drink company, an energy trading business, and a concrete and stone company bought domain names. One of the frustrating things about GDPR and the move to Whois privacy…
ICANN returning to Puerto Rico
ICANN has added Puerto Rico back on its list of future meeting venues after cancelling this year’s trip to San Juan due to the pandemic. The Org will summon the…
Security Week “Hundreds of eCommerce Domains Infected With Google Tag Manager-Based Skimmers” published a piece on hackers abusing Google Tag Manager by injecting HTML or JavaScript code into websites using GTM. These were all ecommerce websites From the article: A legitimate… Domain Investment Index for Q2 2022 released their Domain Investment Index for Q2 2022. The total transaction value for all domains combined has dropped in Q2 2022 to $125M, from $130M in Q1 2022. Executive…
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